Zero Really Means Zero – Retained Surgical Items
A complimentary program offered to Patient Safety First Hospitals

Zero really means Zero and Patient Safety First (PSF) is looking to engage all PSF participating hospitals in 2014 to have ZERO Retained Surgical Items. Maybe things are great with your sponge management practices and you haven’t had any events, BUT there is continual abrasion between hospital staff and medical staff around x-ray policies in the OR, needle management strategies, or cases of retained guidewires, device fragments or a retained instrument or towel. 

Hospital Council will sponsor national expert Dr. Verna Gibbs to spend time at your hospital to help practice improvement efforts and tailor a presentation to meet your needs. If you are a Patient Safety First-participating hospital and are interested in having Dr. Gibbs come to your facility (at no cost) contact Jenna Fischer at 925-746-5106.