Update on PSO Reporting System with NextPlane Solutions

CHPSO member hospitals have uniformly experienced a transition to NextPlane Solutions’ reporting system with ease. With the aims of streamlining data submission to CHPSO and saving members the resources of specialized solutions, staff members will only need to export a plain text report from their reporting system. Member column names will be assigned to AHRQ fields and the row contents will be assigned to standardized answers. The entire process takes a few hours for the initial submission.

Since August, over 120,000 safety events from CHPSO member hospitals have been successfully uploaded to the NextPlane platform. The events from the previous database will be migrated into NextPlane, bringing the aggregate number of events to 878,000. This flow of important information to CHPSO is significant as we work together to confront safety events, identify emerging issues and the causal factors within patient safety.

Conversion to the new system must be completed before January 31, 2016. For more information, please contact