Toolkit to Support Vaginal Birth and Reduce Primary Cesareans
California Maternal Quality Care Collaborative

The Toolkit is a comprehensive, evidence-based “how-to” guide designed to educate and motivate maternity clinicians to apply best practices for supporting vaginal birth. Cesarean births among low-risk, first-time mothers have been the largest contributor to the recent rise in cesarean rates, and accounts for the greatest variation in cesarean rates between hospitals. 

The Toolkit contains key strategies and resources to:

  • Improve the Culture of Care, Awareness, and Education for Cesarean Reduction
  • Support Intended Vaginal Birth
  • Manage Labor Abnormalities and Safely Reduce Cesarean Births
  • Use Data to Drive Reduction in Cesareans

The Toolkit is free to download; however, to evaluate its use and effectiveness, CMQCC asks that you complete this short survey in order to download this resource from the CMQCC website. You will only need to complete this survey once to access the toolkit or any of its individual components in the future. Your information will be confidential and used only for evaluation purposes. It will not be sold or provided to outside parties.  

The Toolkit is funded by a grant from the California Health Care Foundation.  Please either login or register to continue.

Please either login or register on the CMQCC website to continue.