Smart Care California to Recognize Hospitals with Low C-Section Rates
California birthing hospitals may preview maternity rates next week

Under the Healthy People 2020 initiative, hospitals are encouraged to reduce rates of elective cesarean deliveries for low-risk, first-time births to less than 23.9 percent. Since 2016, Smart Care California has included hospitals that have achieved that milestone on its hospital honor roll. The honor roll — a collaborative effort among stakeholders that represent policy, purchases, providers and quality improvement organizations — will be announced the week of Oct. 22. Certificates will be mailed to hospitals in November.

Next week, the Hospital Quality Institute (HQI) expects to receive California birthing centers’ nulliparous, term, singleton, vertex (NTSV) cesarean delivery rates, as well episiotomy and vaginal births after cesarean (VBAC) rates. These data will be e-mailed to birthing hospital CEOs as well as quality and maternal child health contacts; to ensure inclusion in this list, contact HQI. Birthing centers will have approximately seven business days to request any changes. The updated rates will be refreshed on the Cal Hospital Compare website. Breastfeeding rates will be issued later this year.

HQI’s 2018 Annual Conference, to be held Oct. 28-30 in Huntington Beach, features an interactive session that will address current and emerging priorities for safe maternity care and focus on the importance of building quality improvement capacity in birthing centers. The session will be presented by HQI and the California Maternity Quality Care Collaborative. Eligible birthing centers may receive discounted tuition. Details are available on the HQI Conference website.

Resources including toolkits from the California Maternity Quality Care Collaborative, My Birth Matters campaign and more are available on the HQI website.