Small Bore Connectors Transition Plan
White Paper

This White Paper is a translated and edited version of a guideline document drafted by the German Coalition for Patient Safety (Aktionsbündnis Patientensicherheit/APS). It contains guidelines intended for all parties involved with the complex changeover to ISO 80369 connectors and it aims to contribute to patient safety across the different healthcare applications.

Over a certain transitional period it is anticipated that product systems that currently use a Luer or Luer style connector, and are not intended for intravascular or hypodermic use, will need to connect with a part of the product system that uses the new connector, which will be incompatible with the current system. This is expected to occur not only within a specific health care facility but also across health care sectors such as doctor’s practices, out-patient and stationary care/rehab facilities, pharmacies, and homecare among others. As a consequence, health care facilities should plan for and execute the changeover, i.e. the transition from medical products and accessories using Luer or Luer style connectors to medical products using the new connectors, into their normal care processes.

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