One Million!

September 29, CHPSO, a division of the Hospital Quality Institute, passed the momentous milestone of 1,000,000 safety reports collected. Reports contributed by CHPSO members build a predictive intelligence source for members. These reports represent unsafe conditions, near misses and harm across all severity levels. Findings are disseminated through discussions directly with hospitals, and during members-only safe table meetings and de-identified summaries are shared with the public. As a leader in patient safety and quality, CHPSO provides trends and lessons learned in alerts and newsletters. Alert and newsletter subscription is free and open to all, member or nonmember. Research analyses are available at no cost to members.

The motivation to report is in part influenced by a federal protection offered to hospitals and health care organizations under the Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act of 2005. The deadline for hospitals to participate in a Patient Safety Organization (PSO) or evidenced-based program is January 1, 2017. Details are available here. Our success is largely due to those members submitting harm events, near misses and good catches across all safety event types. CHPSO has also taken extensive steps to remove the burden typically associated with reporting to a PSO, facilitating the simple bulk submission of safety reports.

CHPSO, one of the first and largest federally listed PSOs in the nation, has 370 members across nine states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, and Washington. For information on CHPSO membership or to get started on safety event reporting, please contact