New PSO Reporting System with NextPlane Solutions

CHPSO has a new partnership with NextPlane Solutions, improving our database usability, significantly simplifying information transmission to CHPSO, and saving members the cost and effort of specialized solutions. This partnership will also free up CHPSO resources to directly serve our members’ needs. With the previous system, reporting to CHPSO often required a specialized vendor module. Terminology mapping was used to put each event into a separate file in the proper taxonomy and format for submission.

With the new system, members no longer have to map and format specialized files. A plain text report generated by the member’s system and delimited by commas or other characters (e.g., tabs) can be used. In a one-time web-based drag-and-drop process, the member’s column names will be assigned to AHRQ fields and the row contents will be assigned to standardized answers. The whole process takes two to five hours for the initial submission.

Some members will start using the new system in August, with general availability beginning September. Conversion to the new system will be completed before February, 2016. CHPSO and NextPlane hosted a web demonstration for members August 4. If you missed the webinar, contact CHPSO for more information.

About NextPlane Solutions

Our solutions are designed specifically for PSOs and health systems to eliminate barriers to collaboration so they can focus on sharing information that prevents harm. We are privileged to be selected by CHPSO and their members as their PSO software platform and look forward to bringing our innovative solutions to their community

NextPlane Solutions enables patient safety organizations and health systems to accelerate collaboration and shared learning that eliminates preventable harm. We pride ourselves in the trust we earn with each client as we deliver innovative solutions to their challenges. For more information visit or email