National Patient Safety Goal on Alarm Management

In June 2013, The Joint Commission approved new National Patient Safety Goal NPSG.06.01.01 on clinical alarm safety for hospitals and critical access hospitals.

The implementation for NPSG.06.01.01 will occur in two phases:

  • In Phase I (beginning January 2014), hospitals will be required to establish alarms as an organization priority and identify the most important alarms to manage based on their own internal situations.
  • In Phase II (beginning January 2016), hospitals will be expected to develop and implement specific components of policies and procedures. Education of those in the organization about alarm system management will also be required in January 2016.

The Joint Commission plans to publish the Phase I and II requirements at the same time to provide the field with complete information about the ultimate requirements of NPSG.06.01.01. However, due to changes that could arise from newly emerging evidence about best practices, the field’s experience with Phase I requirements, and other developmental work, the Phase II requirements may be enhanced before they are implemented. Any changes to Phase II requirements will be communicated to the field through Joint Commission channels such as field reviews, Perspectives, Joint Commission Online, and the Joint Commission Connect™ extranet.

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