Learning from Success in Maternity Care Improvement
California birthing hospitals set standard for maternal safety

Recent news articles have brought attention to the growing maternal mortality rate in birthing hospitals across the United States. Those articles have pointed to the work in California hospitals as a beacon of light, as California remains the one state in the nation to reverse this trend and make meaningful improvements in maternity care. The Hospital Quality Institute (HQI) has been an active and determined strategic partner with the California Maternal Quality Care Collaborative (CMQCC), along with broad stakeholder groups to align and accelerate maternal care improvement. The work of improvement in maternity care continues, and California continues to lead the efforts to increase safety and reliability in maternity care.

The Hospital Quality Institute, in a partnership with the California Maternal Quality Care Collaborative, will co-present a workshop at the 2018 HQI Annual Conference, October 28-30 in Huntington Beach, on the importance of building quality improvement capacity with teams of hospital birthing units, patient safety, risk management, and quality improvement departments. Led by CMQCC’s Dr. Elliott Main and HQI’s Kim Werkmeister, this three-hour workshop will provide the latest information on California’s maternity successes and opportunities for improvement, as well as an opportunity to work with interdisciplinary perinatal quality teams at the hospital level to continue promoting healthy moms and healthy babies.

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