HQI Accepting Applications for HCRO Cohorts

The Hospital Quality Institute (HQI) is currently accepting applications from hospitals that are interested in participation in HealthCare Reliability Organizing (HCRO) to achieve reliable and sustainable performance.

The HealthCare Reliability Organizing™ (HCRO) model is a distinctive approach to achieving reliability in healthcare. It is rooted in the excellent work that has taken place in recent years related to High Reliability Organizations (HRO), through which best practices from other high-consequence industries have been imported and applied in healthcare. Tools such as checklists and TeamStepps from the aviation industry are but a few applications now being used in health care. Hospitals have incorporated many clinical practices and programs in an attempt to emulate successes achieved in other industries. However, inherent to healthcare is its complex, ever-changing, people-intensive environment. The characteristics that differentiate healthcare from other high-consequence industries are not fully appreciated in the design and implementation of HROs, leading to disappointing results. To address these critical differences, the design of HCRO is broader and deeper, uniquely tailored to healthcare and the delivery of high value care.

The Hospital Quality Institute is working collaboratively with experts across the nation to develop and implement the HCRO model, which integrates the socio-technical science of system design and human behavior. Three design shops with healthcare leaders and content experts were conducted to develop a comprehensive strategy to meet the challenge to guide hospital performance to achieve high reliability. Expert consulting firms have agreed to work with each other and with HQI to advance coherent and aligned efforts, each contributing their area of greatest expertise.

The HCRO model includes transforming both individual learners and healthcare organizations through immersive learning. Modeled on the evidence of the Khan Academy and other innovative web-based learning delivery systems, the HCRO Learning Management System (LMS) Foundations Course turns the classroom learning experience “inside out” by using technology for education transfer and optimizing the classroom to focus on shared meaning, application to daily work, and organizational goals. The HCRO LMS Foundations Course consists of open-access to thirty-eight 2-3 minute educational modules, available to the entire workforce on any browser-enabled device, wired or wireless, desktop or mobile. The LMS serves as a fully functional, open source, cloud-based platform. The LMS enables the Hospital Quality Institute to serve current and future education and training and even certification needs for participating hospitals.

Please join with us in our collective HealthCare Reliability Organizing journey to drive the enduring and sustainable change that will produce consistently safer, more reliable care for our patients and a safer, more meaningful workplace for our workforce and contact HQI at or call 916-552-7600 with any questions and to register for this opportunity. Act now as space is limited to become a cohort hospital/hospital system in 2018.