FentaNYL transdermal patches — safe practices

The document High Alert Medication Guideline — FentaNYL Transdermal Patch, developed by the California Hospital Association Medication Safety Committee, summarizes safer practices to reduce the preventable harm to patients in the hospital setting.

Fentanyl patches are only for patients who are opioid-tolerant for the management of persistent, moderate to severe chronic pain that requires continuous, around the clock opioid administration for an extended period of time and cannot be managed by other means.The patches are not to be used to treat sudden, occasional or mild pain, or pain after surgery.

About the Medication Safety Committee

The California Hospital Association’s Medication Safety Committee is a statewide, multi-disciplinary collaboration of health care providers, regulatory agencies, patient safety organizations and organizations representing pharmacists, physicians and nurses. The Committee has focused on acting as a source of medication safety expertise, providing a venue for the coordination of medication safety activities and making recommendations related to medication safety legislation and regulations.