ENFit Progress

Supply of the new ENFit connectors, designed to increase patient safety by preventing accidental connection of enteral feeding solutions and medications to intravenous lines, continues to improve. Some hospitals, having identified reliable supply of all the devices needed for safe patient care, have switched over to the ENFit connector.

Please fill out a brief CHPSO survey so that we can gather current information on the status of adoption in California and identify where assistance is needed.

Those that have not yet switched over should continue to monitor the supply situation, to identify when supply is sufficient for the switch-over. For more information on manufacturers’ ENFit device availability, see the list at

Switching over connectors takes planning and time to do safely. The StayConnected website ENFit section has materials produced by manufacturers, GPOs, patient safety organizations, and others who assist in the process. Assistance may also be available from your suppliers, group purchasing organization and the manufacturers of the products you use. You may also contact CHPSO for further information.