ENFit Connectors Are Coming

 ENFit to current feeding tube adapter

Reducing the risk of tubing misconnection in the health care setting requires a complete design change with correlating standards established and adopted across the industry and around the globe. Enteral devices are the first of all the clinical applications to undergo this change; the new enteral connectors can be identified by the word “ENFit” on the label.

The transition to the new ENFit connectors has begun with the introduction of transitional administration sets, which include the ENFit connectors packaged with an adapter that fits current feeding tubes. Suppliers began shipping the new products over the past month.

By the second quarter of this year, the new ENFit tip syringes will be available for ordering. It will be important to order a supply of syringes before new ENFit feeding tubes are available. ENFit feeding tubes should be introduced and available to ship during the third quarter of 2015. Providers should check with their supplier representative for more information

While many clinicians may not have seen the new ENFit connectors yet, it is important to note that the products will flow through the supply chain from the supplier’s warehouse to the distributor’s warehouse and eventually to the hospital or home setting. The process may take time, depending on how much inventory of current administration sets are on hand, but providers should expect to see transition sets with the new ENFit connector in the coming months if they have not already.

The California Hospital Patient Safety Organization (CHPSO), a core program of the Hospital Quality Institute, is a key participant in the ISO connectors international committee, and provides communications on the efforts related to the implementation of the standards. For more information, visit or contact Rory Jaffe.