Customized WHO checklist versions

There are various versions of the WHO checklist, adapted by various organizations around the world. Some are adapted to account for local practices, others for specialized situations. Several offer applications for hand-held devices.

Specialized Situations

Children’s Hospital of Boston pediatric surgery checklist.

The Society of Thoracic Surgeons has adapted the WHO checklist for three specific settings: adult cardiac surgery, general thoracic surgery and congenital heart surgery.

The UK National Health Service developed a checklist for cataract surgery and a checklist for radiological interventions.

Checklist Applications

There are even several free iPhone apps: Safe OR: Safety Checklist, Safe Surgery, Surg-i-Scan and Check a Box, Save a Life. Other resources often are the product of provider organizations or expert committees. However, apps are not such products, and they should be evaluated for accuracy and proper function prior to use.