CHPSO Reporting Underway with NextPlane Solutions

CHPSO member hospitals are heavily engaged in the implementation of NextPlane Solutions for voluntary reporting. The process involves a series of three calls: the first is an introductory to review exporting capabilities, the second involves file processing and PSO submission, and the third (if needed) involves a review of the search capabilities, data editing, and document submission. NextPlane has accommodated hospitals using reporting systems from all vendors as well as from MS Access and Excel users. If you can export data to an Excel document or a CSV file, submission should be simple. Hospitals do not need taxonomy mapping and translation software, as the web-based NextPlane application manages that process.

To get started, please visit and click on the registration link. An FAQ section is available here. Submission to the CHPSO-ECRI portal will end January 31, 2016. Hospitals should plan their transition in reporting accordingly.

The database has grown to over 750,000 events and CHPSO encourages member hospitals to submit events and causal analyses for which they wish to obtain feedback. As a reminder, CHPSO will mail hospital-specific annual reports and dashboards to CEOs and quality leaders for the prior year’s safety reports that have been submitted to the database. The annual reports evaluate reporting style and thoroughness, trends, and clinical recommendations on events. Please contact CHPSO for any questions regarding NextPlane reporting or 2015 Member Hospital reports.