CHPSO Annual Hospital Reports Mailed in Early Spring

For the past three years, CHPSO has produced hospital-specific reports to member hospitals that have submitted patient safety events through the PSO. The hospital specific reports include data submitted to CHPSO for the 2016 calendar year, January 1 – December 31. A dashboard will include the following:

  • event submission count by category for both the hospital and CHPSO database
  • harm score relative to other hospitals
  • member participation (number of hospitals subscribed to the CHPSO newsletter and attendance at CHPSO safe table meetings)
  • top 5 medications mentioned in medication category and their relative frequency of occurrence

In addition to the dashboard, specific feedback will be provided to the hospital based on trends identified in the events submitted, tone, thoroughness, and clarity of reports. Detailed feedback will be focused on medication events, specifically those involving opioids, benzodiazepines or their antagonists.

In the early spring, these annual reports will be sent to the hospital CEO as well as the CHPSO lead contact. If you have not been identified as a contact for receiving the reports, please contact