Call for Poster Presentations at HQI Annual Conference
Promote great work, save on tuition

California has a remarkable array of success stories in patient safety, quality and person-centered care. Contribute to making this excellence visible by presenting a poster at the Hospital Quality Institute’s Annual Conference. The conference will be held Oct. 14-15 in Sacramento. Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your good work and save on tuition, too. Selected posters will qualify one presenter for a 20% discount on conference tuition.

To be invited to present your poster at the HQI annual conference, your poster should be organized and readable; possess clear objectives that address clinical and/or operational improvement; demonstrate efforts to achieve and sustain improvements; include sound methodology and support findings with data. To learn more about what makes a submission successful, visit the HQI conference webpage.

The deadline for submission is August 16, 2019. 24 posters will be selected for presentation at the conference. Notification of selected posters will be sent on Friday, August 30, 2019. Early submissions are recommended. Find full information at