Awards for Achievement in C-Section Rates Mailed to Hospitals

In October, Secretary Diana Dooley of the California Health and Human Services Agency recognized 104 California birthing hospitals for achieving the Healthy People 2020 goal of 23.9 percent or lower for low-risk, first-birth Cesarean sections. These awards were mailed to the 104 hospitals on behalf of Smart Care California, a coalition of public and private health care purchasers that collectively cover more than 16 million people statewide — or 40 percent of all Californians.

The remaining 140 birthing hospitals in California are encouraged to achieve this goal within the coming year through a collaboration of their doctors, nurses and administrators. There are two outstanding resources available at no cost to any California hospital to assist with this critical quality improvement project. We urge all hospitals, even those below the 23.9 percent rate – most Obstetric experts believe the optimal rate is lower – to avail themselves of one of these options:

  1. CMQCC’s Supporting Vaginal Birth Quality Improvement Collaborative
  2. ACOG’s Promote Vaginal Birth and Reduce Cesarean Births Project

Both CMQCC and ACOG are enrolling members now to engage as early as December 2016.

Please contact Claire Manneh at with questions. HQI and CHPSO are ready to support your hospital in advancing maternity care.