What is a safe table? -K.D., from a hospital in Southern California

Safe tables are meetings held by a PSO to foster frank, privileged discussions around safety events that hospitals face among members belonging to a PSO. Typically, one hospital representative will present a case to the group (e.g., a near miss or a severe harm) and the group is invited to discuss their experiences with a similar event or work through potential causes and identify areas of opportunity.

Many times a hospital representative will begin by sharing their “unique” case but learn through the discussion that other organizations attending the meeting have experienced the same “unique” case. CHPSO makes every effort to select a topic in advance of the meeting so hospitals can invite the appropriate staff member from a department to attend. The following safe tables are scheduled for 2016. If you belong to a CHPSO member hospital and wish to attend, please contact to make sure you are on the mailing list. Click here to view whether your organization is a CHPSO member.

If you are not a CHPSO member and are interested in learning more, please contact Hospital members of the California Hospital Association and California’s regional hospital associations receive complimentary membership to CHPSO.

Currently scheduled CHPSO safe tables are listed here.