American Medical Foundation Patient Safety Organization (AMFPSO)

CHPSO has a new agreement with The American Medical Foundation Patient Safety Organization (AMFPSO) that allows CHPSO members easy access to AMFPSO member services through their CHPSO PSO agreement, without the need for an additional hospital-AMFPSO agreement.

 AMFPSO is a component of the American Medical Foundation for Peer Review and Education (AMF). AMF is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that was founded in 1987 by the leaders of national medical specialty societies and health care organizations in response to the Healthcare Quality Improvement Act. AMFPSO now provides good-faith independent peer review and assessment of the quality of medical care for CHPSO member hospitals.

It is the leading consulting agency in the United States for independent hospital and medical staff peer review. The faculty consists of the foremost medical educators and practitioners who have evaluated and educated individual physicians, specialty groups and reorganized service lines for thousands of hospitals in all fifty states. AMF also provides on-site physician continuing education and telementoring.  

As a PSO, AMF understands how Patient Safety Evaluation Systems are established and how their reports become part of the protected Patient Safety Work Product.

For further information and assistance, please contact AMF Executive Director, Evelyn Baram-Clothier, PhD, JD at or 215-545-6363.