2018 CHPSO Safe Table Update

Date Topic
01/18/2018 Behavioral Health – Inpatient Setting
02/07/2018 Telemetry Monitoring Criteria
02/15/2018 Mass Transfusion Protocol
03/08/2018 Alarm Management
03/21/2018 Medication Reconciliation
04/11/2018 POLST Form Use with End-of-Life Care
04/25/2018 EHR Alert Fatigue
05/16/2018 Patient Identification
05/24/2018 Behavioral Health
06/13/2018 Medication Shortages
06/28/2018 Medication Reconciliation
07/10/2018 Refusal to Permit Medical Treatment
07/19/2018 Language Barriers
08/08/2018 Medication Errors
08/16/2018 Childbirth After a Prior Cesarean Delivery
09/12/2018 Restraints
09/20/2018 Disclosure and Early Resolution
10/03/2018 Contraband and Substance Abuse during Hospitalization
10/23/2018 Ligature and Suicide
11/14/2018 Opioid Monitoring: Respiratory Failure
11/28/2018 Sepsis and Delays
12/12/2018 Surgical Fires

The first quarter of 2018 has been off to a strong start for safe table meetings. CHPSO has offered five members-only meetings for members on behavioral health, telemetry monitoring, mass transfusion protocols, alarm management, and medication reconciliation. These topics are driven by suggestions made by members from prior safe table meetings. Each safe table typically features a guest speaker or subject matter expert and case reviews. The meetings are an opportunity to share a case or listen to experiences your peers are facing within their organization. The discussions are driven by questions asked prior to or during the call. Attendees leave the meeting learning something new or understanding that others may face a similar issue. Tools, scripts, guidelines and other resources are shared, making for a cooperative learning environment with fellow CHPSO members. The safe table meetings are all held by teleconference for one hour. CEUs for nurses and pharmacists are available at no charge.

If you have any questions about the scheduled meeting topics or wish to suggest one for the future, please contact