2017 Safe Table Meeting Schedule

CHPSO will host safe table meetings at their offices or at hospitals. Children’s hospitals and pediatric units convene via teleconference on a quarterly basis, as do rural hospitals. A preliminary schedule is as follows:

Date Location Topic (registration hyperlink included, if applicable)
01/20/2017 Sacramento* Discharge Medications
02/01/2017 Children’s Hospitals/Pediatric Units via teleconference* Mucosal Barrier Injury 
02/22/2017 General Safe Table via teleconference* Tourniquet Safety
03/10/2017 San Diego* Perinatal Events
03/24/2017 Los Angeles Chemotherapy administration
04/05/2017 Fresno*

Alarm Management

05/23/2017 Sacramento* Ambulatory Suicide
06/20/2017 Children’s Hospitals/Pediatric Units via teleconference* Chemotherapy Administration
6/23/2017 Rural Hospitals via teleconference* ED Medications
07/07/2017 San Diego* Falls
07/13/2017 Walnut Creek* VTEs
07/20/2017 Los Angeles Pressure Ulcers
09/06/2017 Via Teleconference Concentrated Insulin
09/14/2017 Bakersfield Pain Management
10/04/2017 Children’s Hospitals/Pediatric Units via teleconference* Pain Management with a focus on Opioids
10/06/2017 Rural Hospitals via teleconference* Workplace Violence
11/16/2017 Via Teleconference Blood Product Administration
11/30/2017 Via Teleconference IV Drug Titration Issues and Protocols
12/13/2017 Via Teleconference Retained Foreign Objects in Trauma Surgeries: Sponges and Wound Packing
12/20/2017 Children’s Hospitals/Pediatric Units via teleconference* Alarm Management
12/21/2017 Rural Hospitals via teleconference Workplace Violence

*teleconference available

If you are a CHPSO member interested in attending, please contact to be added to the mailing list.