2016 CHPSO Annual Report

The CHPSO 2016 Annual Report, which covers the period January 1 – December 31, 2016, focuses on CHPSO’s year in review and upcoming opportunities in 2017. The Report is available online on the CHPSO website by clicking here.

As a leading patient safety organization and as a division of the Hospital Quality Institute, CHPSO is part of a movement for patient safety across the United States. In the past year, CHPSO grew its membership to over 400 hospitals and health care organizations, serving across 10 states. CHPSO also experienced a spike in submitted events, from over 160,000 in 2014 to over 1,100,000 at year end 2016.

Health care organizations are finding the value in becoming a member of CHPSO, which is complimentary for members of the California Hospital Association (CHA), and available at a nominal fee for non-CHA members. The Patient Safety Work Product Privilege (PSWP), established under the Patient Safety Act of 2005, affords health care providers the opportunity to engage in protected discussions about safety events without fear of discovery or subpoena. These discussions, also known as safe table meetings, have increased in number throughout 2016 and CHPSO offers specialized discussions based on patient population and region. In addition to safe table meetings, health care providers may share their safety events with CHPSO and they, too, are not discoverable nor can they be subpoenaed.

CHPSO’s objectives are to eliminate preventable harm by:

  • sharing de-identified events to the health care community in lessons learned and newsletter articles
  • collaborating with providers to further understand why errors occur by separating individuals from the process
  • developing a culture of safety

For more information, contact info@chpso.org.