Concentrated Insulin Nationwide Review
Some initial thoughts

Even with over 1.4 million events in the CHPSO database, fewer than 50 relate to concentrated insulin, underscoring the need for broad collaboration to understand the issues behind this high-risk medication. In February 2017, CHPSO started working with other PSOs and health care delivery systems to take a closer look at the types of incidents that are occurring and see what organizations are doing to prevent these types of incidents from occurring.

Collaborating Organizations include:


Reexamined: The Opioid and Benzo Combo

Opioid addictions is a public health epidemic and not going away anytime soon. The use of combined opioid and benzodiazepines (BZD) is affecting more lives than ever for people of all ages. Opioids are used to relieve pain while BZDs are commonly prescribed to sedate, particularly for anxiety or insomnia. Combined, these drugs are potentially deadly. Over 30 percent of individuals who overdose use this relief-sedate combo.


Why join CHPSO?

A number of healthcare organizations ask why they should join CHPSO or another federally listed Patient Safety Organization (PSO). One benefit is to obtain federal protections for certain patient safety data. These protections facilitate broad sharing of patient safety information both within and across organizations, speeding learning and facilitating the elimination of patient safety hazards. As part of this protection, you can collaborate with other hospitals and healthcare organizations, usually at a safe table meeting.


Dr. Lucian Leape will be part of the HQI Annual Conference!
November 1 to 3, Monterey, California

This is an opportunity for you to join in conversation with the father of patient safety, inspiring and dedicated mentor of thousands, and passionate advocate for transforming healthcare.

Dr. Lucian Leape


CHPSO Welcomes a New Staff Member

CHPSO is pleased to announce the expansion of our capabilities with the hiring of Barbara Abeling, PhD, RN.

Barbara has over 25 years of experience in health care. She spent many years providing direct patient care, primarily in obstetrics, before transitioning to clinical informatics. Barbara brings a wealth of knowledge regarding the electronic health record on topics ranging from the end-user workflow perspective to data extraction. Barbara has experience with both qualitative and quantitative research methods.


CHPSO Job Board
2 Jobs Available

Quality and Patient safety positions at your organization may be listed on the CHPSO Job Board. If you are a member of CHPSO, the California Hospital Association or key partner of the Hospital Quality Institute and would like to list your opportunities on this page, please contact