Pooling Experience: Retained Foreign Bodies

Starting in June, CHPSO members will be able to participate in an evaluation of retained foreign body (RFB) incidents. The purpose of this initiative is to assist hospitals in their root cause analysis process and help CHPSO identify common underlying causes of RFBs, particularly broken devices and fragments.

A conference call is scheduled on Thursday, May 20 2–3 pm to review pilot project results on data collection for RFBs and to ask for comments on the RFB incident data collection tool. Your comments on the data collection tool will be used to finalize the tool that will be launched on the June CHPSO Member Call.

If you would like to participate on the May call and provide feedback to finalize the data collection tool that you could use at your facility, please call in on May 20th.

May 20 2–3 pm
Conference Dial-in: 712.432.3100
Conference Code: 791488