Lessons Learned

Challenges Associated with Caring for Behavioral Health Patients in Emergency Departments
Lessons Learned from the CHPSO Database

It is estimated that 20% of patients presenting at emergency departments have a psychiatric diagnosis. This is not surprising considering that, in 2014, over 43 million (18%) adults in the United States experienced a mental, emotional, or behavioral health related disorder.

CHPSO recently hosted a safe table discussion on difficult-to-place psychiatric patients, during which participants discussed several categories of patients. These patient types —are also found in safety event reports submitted to the CHPSO database — include:

Lessons Learned

Expired Medical Implants
Lessons from the CHPSO Database

According to the FDA, an implantable device or medical implant refers to devices or tissues placed either inside or on the surface of the body. Implants may be temporary or permanent, and serve a variety of purposes. Some common examples include:


Imhoff Begins Work Leading HQI, CHPSO

CHPSO welcomes Robert Imhoff this month as the new President of the Hospital Quality Institute (HQI.) Imhoff will lead HQI and CHPSO.


Agenda Set, Registration Open for 2019 HQI Annual Conference

Plan now to join us for the 2019 Hospital Quality Institute Conference, Respect, Reliability, Resilience. This annual gathering of quality and patient safety leaders will be held October 14-15, 2019 in Sacramento. This annual event will provide the strategies and tools for transforming care, leading reliability and delivering value to each person, each time, and in each community.


Call for Poster Presentations at HQI Annual Conference
Promote great work, save on tuition

California has a remarkable array of success stories in patient safety, quality and person-centered care. Contribute to making this excellence visible by presenting a poster at the Hospital Quality Institute’s Annual Conference. The conference will be held Oct. 14-15 in Sacramento. Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your good work and save on tuition, too. Selected posters will qualify one presenter for a 20% discount on conference tuition.


Webinar: Barriers to Discharges and Admissions to Community Placements for Behavioral Health Patients

This webinar will discuss admission criteria for Adult Residential Facilities (ARF’s) and Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFE’s). As resources become more and more scarce every day we find ourselves at a crisis point in our efforts to serve the diverse population of Behavioral Health patients. The most recent closure of a large, well established program that offered crisis residential services for patients transitioning from an acute care setting is one such example of the rapid dwindling of resources and options for care teams.