Lessons Learned

Caring for the Patient with an LPS Conservatorship

Recently, CHPSO hosted a safe table, Care of the Conserved Patient, focused on patients with a Lanterman-Petris-Short [LPS] conservatorship that is patients with a psychiatric diagnosis resulting in grave disability. It became abundantly clear during the discussion that caring for patients with an LPS conservatorship is often challenging and complex.  Good communication both within and among facilities is key. It is also essential that organizations have a plan in place for the early identification of patients with a conservatorship.


Ask CHPSO: Handling Requests for Disclosure of Patient Safety Work Product

We have recently become aware of requests of federal regulators to review patient safety work product (PSWP.) This is a good opportunity to remind CHPSO members of the parameters governing release of PSWP and additional resources that may be of use.  As you know, documents that a facility has identified as PSWP as part of their overall patient safety evaluation system policies and procedures are considered privileged under the Patient Safety Act.


Establishing a High Reliability Sepsis Infrastructure: A Shared Sepsis Language
Authors: Summer Gupta, RN & Russell Kerbel, MD from UCLA Health

In a recent webinar, in honor of Patient Safety Awareness Week, the authors Dr. Russell Kerbel and Summer Gupta of this article provided insight and practical tools to help an organization move the needle on important sepsis related measures. In this article, the authors discuss the changes in sepsis definitions over time and how having a shared terminology can lead to the establishment of high reliability in the care of patients with sepsis.


CHPSO 2018 Annual Report is Going Green!

Every year CHPSO provides members with an annual report which highlights patient safely related activities, analytics, and a review of membership and database status. Traditionally, a printed copy of the annual report is mailed to each member facility CEO and lead contact in Quality Improvement/Patient Safety. In addition, a digital copy is made available to CHPSO newsletter subscribers and is posted on our website


What is a CHPSO Safe Table Forum?

One of the benefits of belonging to a patient safety organization (PSO) is the ability of members to be part of a large learning community. With more than 400 member facilities in 10 states, CHPSO is able to provide the structure for such a community.

One of the ways that CHPSO facilitates shared learning among its members is through regular safe table meetings. CHPSO hosts about 22 safe table meetings per year on a wide variety of topics driven by CHPSO member requests and suggestions, as well as from patterns observed in the CHPSO database.


Patient Safety Awareness Week Recap
Presented by HQI and CHPSO

This week CHPSO and Hospital Quality Institute (HQI) celebrated Patient Safety Awareness Week with a series of very well attended and highly informative webinars. The topics included Sepsis, Behavioral Heath, and Medication Safety. There were a total of 719 registrants with 261 hospitals represented.