Lessons Learned

Learning from 5150 – Involuntary Psychiatric Hold – Patient Safety Events

According to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report there were 65.9 million visits to physician offices and five million emergency department visits in 2014 with mental disorders as the primary diagnosis. These data may not come as a surprise since reports from the CDC also indicate an increase in the numbers of adults who report having experienced serious psychological distress.

Lessons Learned

Learning from Mass Transfusion Patient Safety Events

Preventing severe morbidity and/or mortality from uncontrolled hemorrhage is a concern for a wide variety of patient populations. Among trauma patients, the American College of Surgeons reports that hemorrhage is the most common cause of death within the first hour of arrival at a trauma center.


What do I need to report to CHPSO?

The reporting requirements leave it up to the hospital as to what they wish to report. We recommend members submit all types of events, from near misses to severe harm. If a member hospital chooses to report solely medication errors, “Medications” is the only event category protected under PSWP. If a surveyor or external legal counsel wishes to view a surgical event from that hospital, it is not protected by PSWP privilege.


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