Alert Supplement—Franck’s Compounding Lab recalls sterile drugs
May 24, 2012

Franck’s Compounding Lab today issued a recall of all sterile human and veterinary compounded prescriptions dated November 21, 2011, and later. The notice states that “it is essential that you do not use them and that employing appropriate practices, you destroy all such sterile preparations and all remaining portions of such sterile preparations.” This recall resulted from the FDA’s discovery of microorganisms and fungal growth in Franck’s clean room.The recall notice is posted at

On May 4, CHPSO distributed an alert recommending that clinicians avoid using sterile compounded products from this lab, at least until the CDC investigation was completed.

In related news, the FDA had previously moved unsuccessfully to stop Franck’s compounding of veterinary medications after a broadly publicized mass die-off of polo ponies in 2009, eventually traced to selenium poisoning from an intravenous vitamin and mineral supplement incorrectly compounded by the company.