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CHPSO Patient Safety News

CHPSO Patient Safety News provides lessons learned from reviews of patient-safety events and news of patient safety activities. We hope you will find it useful in your efforts to improve patient outcomes. For a free subscription, sign up here.

We also provide a news update service, The Patient Safety Chronicle, with frequent information about patient safety worldwide. For more information and to subscribe, click here.


CHPSO Patient Safety Alerts

CHPSO periodically releases urgent information regarding patient safety. Members subscribed to our mailing list will automatically receive alerts via email.


Upcoming events

Including the Annual HQI Conference, CHPSO hosts events, web seminars and member calls throughout the year, all focusing on patient safety.


CHPSO Vanguard Award

Patient Safety Organizations were created to facilitate the collection and analysis of incident data as a means to identify and create better ways of delivering quality care to patients.  However, PSOs will only be successful in this mission if they have active engagement and participation from their member hospitals.