Quality, Safety, Service, Workforce Engagement – Breaking Down Silos Using Standardized Communication Tools

In the last decade, healthcare organizations have seen a strong push by the federal government, commercial payers, regulatory bodies and patients to improve quality of care, reduce errors, reduce cost of healthcare, and improve patient and family experience. All this has resulted in an increased number of initiatives and implementation of best practices to improve performance. This increased demand is felt at all levels of the healthcare organization from executives to the frontline staff and physicians resulting in initiative fatigue. The key to reducing the burden on healthcare organizations is to move away from project approach and adopt systems approach to improve.

Using standardized communication tools – e.g. SBAR handoff, multidisciplinary rounds and leadership rounds – are ways organizations are trying to improve quality, patient experience, safety and workforce engagement. When organizations use these best practices as a project approach instead of systems approach they lose the opportunity to get the biggest bang for your buck. 

This webinar will focus on how we can use these tools to create synergy and horizontal integration by breakdown silos between quality, safety, service and workforce engagement.

Date and Time

August 25, 2017,  12:00pm - 1:00pm PDT




Istikram Qaderi, MD, MPS
Interim Senior Medical Director of Quality
Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital, Los Angeles

Dr Qaderi has been a senior healthcare executive for community, suburban, inner city, teaching and rural hospitals for over 14 years.

A visionary executive healthcare professional Dr Qaderi is a catalyst for aligning complex systems to realize the strategic vision. A thought leader, who advances value proposition through the application of lean methodology and systems approach that synergistically integrates initiatives at every level across the enterprise to execute the vision and achieve culture transformation.

He is author of multiple articles and a nationally recognized speaker on topics of the Baldrige Award, Systems Thinking & Framework, Integrated Care Models, Performance Excellence & Lean, Quality, Safety (Just Culture), Patient Experience (Service Excellence Culture), Culture Transformation, and creating high performing organizations.