Comparative Data Tool for CHPSO Members through NextPlane Solutions

Accumulating one million safety events in the CHPSO database was a milestone achieved in part due to our partnership with NextPlane Solutions, creating greater ease and reduced cost for member reporting. Enhanced mining of the database is the next priority for greater predictive intelligence regarding risk. NextPlane Solutions’ Insight tool is now available for each reporting CHPSO member. Authorized users can access the NextPlane Solutions site, where they are able to view trended and de-identified comparative data. Those organizations reporting all their events will obtain the greatest value from this tool. Available reports include:

  • safe days trends
  • a safety indicator comparative
  • comparisons by event type, location and other key fields

The de-identified comparative data pools aggregate CHPSO and Insight members’ hospital profile details for comparison including bed size, geography, provider type, ownership type, and academic affiliation. Currently, the aggregate profile can be selected based on:

  • bed size
  • zip code
  • provider type
  • ownership type
  • academic affiliation

A webinar further explaining these features will be held for CHPSO members on February 9th at 10 – 11 am PST. To register, fill out the form below.