What do I need to report to CHPSO?

The reporting requirements leave it up to the hospital as to what they wish to report. We recommend members submit all types of events, from near misses to severe harm. If a member hospital chooses to report solely medication errors, “Medications” is the only event category protected under PSWP. If a surveyor or external legal counsel wishes to view a surgical event from that hospital, it is not protected by PSWP privilege.

It is helpful for hospitals to outline their reporting structure using in a Patient Safety Evaluation System (PSES). The PSES is a document that outlines how the hospital manages their patient safety events. CHPSO has two templates to share with member hospitals for their convenience.

After all these events are collected, CHPSO mines through the dataset to provide lessons learned in the CHPSO newsletter, generate topics for CHPSO safe table forums, and reviews them annually for each hospital. For more questions, please contact

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