What is a CHPSO Safe Table Forum?

One of the benefits of belonging to a patient safety organization (PSO) is the ability of members to be part of a large learning community. With more than 400 member facilities in 10 states, CHPSO is able to provide the structure for such a community.

One of the ways that CHPSO facilitates shared learning among its members is through regular safe table meetings. CHPSO hosts about 22 safe table meetings per year on a wide variety of topics driven by CHPSO member requests and suggestions, as well as from patterns observed in the CHPSO database.

Discussions range from pressure injuries and falls to cardiovascular disease in pregnancy to medication errors in pediatric units and children’s hospitals. CHPSO members receive one continuing education unit (CE) free of charge for each safe table that they attend. In 2018, more than 800 members attended the CHPSO safe tables, with nearly 350 CE units awarded.

The meetings are structured to facilitate an open dialogue about patient safety and quality issues in a case study format. Because these forums are conducted by a federally-listed PSO, the content discussed is legally protected. Knowing this, members can be candid about challenges and take advantage of this protected environment to engage in frank and transparent discussions.

In addition to sharing cases, members are encouraged to share best practices relevant to the selected topic. Often these best practices have been implemented in member organizations in response to a patient safety event or near-miss. This allows the member organization to share their work and get feedback from their peers.

Please note that, because these safe table forums include discussions of Patient Safety Work Product (PSWP), the meetings are for CHPSO members only and the sessions cannot be recorded.

Click here to see if your organization is a CHPSO member, and click here for the current CHPSO safe table calendar.

If you have a suggestion for a safe table topic, contact CHPSO by emailing

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