Why join CHPSO?

A number of healthcare organizations ask why they should join CHPSO or another federally listed Patient Safety Organization (PSO). One benefit is to obtain federal protections for certain patient safety data. These protections facilitate broad sharing of patient safety information both within and across organizations, speeding learning and facilitating the elimination of patient safety hazards. As part of this protection, you can collaborate with other hospitals and healthcare organizations, usually at a safe table meeting. At safe tables, a topic is pre-selected and attendees share cases or ideas for improvement. These discussions are meant to be open and frank, where attendees can bounce ideas off each other, discuss specific events and share resources. Lastly, by submitting data to CHPSO, hospitals are contributing to the greater understanding of patient safety events that can potentially happen in their organization and elsewhere. By sharing these data with a PSO, de-identified trends and lessons learned can be shared with a wider audience, and facility-specific feedback can be given.

If interested in joining CHPSO, please visit the Prospective Members section for more details as well as a fee schedule for out-of-state or non-CHA members. Members of the California Hospital Association receive complimentary membership to CHPSO. The participating agreement and BAA are available on the CHPSO website. For more information, please contact CHPSO at

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