How can we report our events to CHPSO?
– H. V., a hospital in central California

Dear H.V.,

If your organization collects incident data using a paper-based method, you can use our web form to enter data. If your organization collects incident data using an electronic-based reporting system through a vendor, you will need to map your data to the AHRQ data format (Common Formats) for automated transmission. Data mapping will require translating fewer than ten fields (the minimum required) to correspond with the AHRQ Common Formats, though we encourage mapping more fields if practical.

You may have a module from your risk management information system (RMIS) vendor that provides the mapping; however, individuals from your IT department may be able to complete the process on their own. CHPSO will host a data mapping call on February 9 to discuss how your organization can map the data without a module or using the RMIS vendor.

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