Hospital Quality Institute (HQI)
Leadership in quality and patient safety

The Hospital Quality Institute (HQI) was established in April 2013 to realize statewide impact of improving patient safety and quality care for all Californians, to accelerate the rate of improvement, and to advance California as a national leader in quality performance.

HQI brings together several programs focusing on quality improvement and patient safety. Each program works separately as well as integrated with each other so that reporting redundancy is eliminated, multiple contacts are minimized, and hospital staff focus on improvement goals with the entire support network of HQI:

  • California Hospital Engagement Network (CalHEN)
  • Patient Safety First
  • Regional Quality Leader Networks
  • Chartered Work Groups, including the Hospital-Acquired Infections Work Group
  • Vehicles of Engagement, Communication & Problem Solving, including the Hospital Quality Committee

Visit the HQI website to:

  • Discover the exciting direction HQI is headed in bringing key resources together with a shared vision to assist hospitals with quality improvement goals to eliminate harm, improve clinical effectiveness and increase reliability of care.
  • Learn current quality improvement and patient safety strategies to achieve zero defects, optimize clinical effectiveness and enhance patient and family experiences in health care.
  • Engage with valuable tools and take best practices to scale for a statewide culture of improvement that inspires, engages and achieves results.
  • Commit to habitual excellence by sharing stories of improvement and monitoring progress toward achieving the Triple Aim: better care, better health and lower cost.