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2014 Annual Report

2014 was a year of continued growth in membership, member engagement, and our ability to learn from and develop improvement knowledge from the data member organizations have submitted.


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New Neuraxial Connectors: Soliciting Volunteers for Advisory Council


To reduce the risk of medical device tubing misconnections, international standards are being developed to replace Luer connectors for applications other than intravenous and intradermal.

Neuraxial Connector Status

The neuraxial connector standard is near completion. CHPSO continues to be the sole U.S. clinical representative for the international standards process and continues to work with manufacturers and distributors to assure the smoothest possible deployment of the new devices.


AAMI webinar: Best Practices in Ultrasound Reprocessing


Ultrasound probe disinfection practices are constantly evolving. Attend this webinar as we discuss the latest ‘hot buttons’ of high-level disinfection of ultrasound probes, disinfection methods for various probes (TEE, endovaginal/endorectal, external), how to select a high-level disinfectant, the steps to high-level disinfect ultrasound transducers, and time and cost saving strategies.


Hospital Employee Health and Safety Issues Explored in Seminar
CHA Members-only program to feature practical methods to manage or mitigate workplace risk

March 24, Glendale
April 2, Sacramento
A CHA members-only program

Quality patient care and employee safety are intertwined.
The ACA has elevated attention on patient safety. At the same time, special interest groups, regulators and legislators have been active and vocal about the importance of health care workplace safety. To better serve the needs of both patients and employees, hospitals are striving to create a holistic culture of safety. It’s a complicated process that requires buy-in at all levels.